(Post-)Modern Romance

an anthology of short films

The (Post-)Modern Romance series is an anthology of short films about love, romance, desire… and ultimately, human connection. Each of the films features an unconventional love story, and shares a glimpse into a singular moment in time within each relationship.

While thematically related to one another, each of the films will stand alone in terms of story, genre, and visual aesthetic. They can be enjoyed individually or as a series.

We are currently seeking collaborators and potential partnerships to help bring this trilogy to life.

quirky comedy
think: But I’m a Cheerleader, Amelie

Secular Love explores an all-too-common modern issue: what happens when you already know all about your ex’s ex… and then you meet them in person for the first time?

eb inspo

grounded sci-fi drama
think: Eternal Sunshine, Arrival, Portrait of a Lady on Fire



A woman of a certain age travels back in time to prevent the worst day of her life from happening.


character-driven drama
think: Lost in Translation, 2046, and a smidge of inspiration from the X-files.


A divorced couple redefine the meaning of “true love” when they share a night together at a small suburban motel.