Caged Poster


CAGED (2018, site-specific Fringe theatre):

Lora, an incarcerated woman in solitary confinement reflects on the circumstances that have brought her there. Far more complex than “I committed a crime and am guilty”, the story she unravels is a hapless history… one laced with violence, betrayal, heartbreak, and regret.


Caged is a play that, unfortunately, is based on a true story. Not just one individual’s story, but common experiences from the lives of tens of thousands of women around the world.


Despite her circumstances, the character of Lora is written not as a sad victim, but as an intelligent woman. A smart observationalist with an off-the-cuff and blunt point of view, who tells it how it is, and who owns her past experiences.  The language and story of Caged is all very real, very accessible. And 100% grounded in real-life events.


The narrative deals frankly with some heavy topics: murder, domestic violence, judicial abuse of power, even animal neglect. It doesn’t shy away from these things or make light of them, nor does it excuse them or soften them. Instead, it provides a candid, first-person point of view as to how easily anyone’s life can veer wildly off-course.


Our hope with this show is to make a much larger audience aware of the small, private crimes that happen every day between people, the ones  that aren’t publicized in the news. To make people think about others’ lived experience when it seems so drastically different from their own… even if it’s not. To help people recognize and unlearn harmful patterns in their own lives. And beyond that, to start a serious discussion about judicial reform, which we so desperately need. 


It’s not a nice or happy story by any stretch, but it’s an authentic story. It is a story of everyday cruelty, of how our circumstances shape who we become. And how we can become more than just circumstance. It’s a story people need to hear.


  • Island Fringe Festival, Prince Edward Island – 2018

Special thanks to all our Indiegogo supporters, and everyone who came to experience the show.